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AC/DC - Highway to Hell

Adverts - On Wheel

Alain Bashung   C'est comment qu'on freine

Albert Collins - Drivin’ South

Andre Williams - Car With the Star

Andy Partridge - Bumper Cars

Arlo Guthrie - Motorcycle Song

B.B. King - A New Way of Driving

Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back

Beach Boys - Bucket T

Beach Boys - Custom Machine

Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun

Beach Boys - I Get Around

Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe

Beach Boys - Little Honda

Beach Boys - 409

Beach Boys - Car Crazy Cutie

Beach Boys - Cherry, Cherry Coupe

Beach Boys - Our Car Club

Beach Boys - This Car of Mine

Beach Nuts - Cycle Annie

Beach Nuts - I’ve Got a Tiger in My Tank

Beatles­ - Drive My Car

Beatles - Lovely Rita

Beck - Corvette Bummer

Belle & Sebastian - I Love My Car

Big Black - The Power of Indepedent Trucking

Big Star - Big Black Car

Billy Bragg - From a Vauxhall Velox

Blurt - The Body That They Built to Fit the Car

Bob Dylan - From a Buick 6

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

Bongwater - White Rental Car Blues

Breeders - Forced to Drive

Brigitte Bardot - Harley-Davidson

Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch

Bruce Springsteen - Pink Cadillac

Bruce Springsteen - Stolen Car

Built to Spill - Car

Butthole Surfers - Le'ts Talk About Cars

Buzzcocks - Fast Cars

Byrds - Drugstore Truck Driving Man

Byrds - Truck Stop Girl

Cab - Get into the Cab

Cake - Race Car Ya Ya

Cake - Stick Shifts and Safety Belts

Calamités - Vélomoteur

Camper Van Beethoven - Joe Staline's Cadillac

Camper van Beethoven - Surprise Truck

Canned Heat - On the Road Again

Captain Beefheart - Dali’s Car

Certain General - Voodoo Taxi

Charles Trenet - A la porte du garage

Charles Trenet – Nationale 7

Chokebore - Ciao LA

Christophe - Saute du Scooter

Chuck Berry - Jaguar and Thunderbird

Chuck Berry - My Mustang Ford

Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to Go

Chuck Berry - Slow Down Little Jaguar

Clash - Brand New Cadillac

Cliff Brunner - Truck Driver Blues

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - Hot Rod Lincoln

Cramps - Bend Over, I'll Drive

Daniel Johnston - Speeding Motorcycle

Dashiell Hedayat - Chrysler rose

David Bowie - Always Crashing in the Same Car

David Bowie - Drive-In Saturday

Dead Kennedys - Buzzbomb From Passadena

Dead Kennedys - Police Truck

Depeche Mode - Route 66

Dick Dale - Wild, Wild Mustang

Dictators - I Live For Cars And Girls

Diskeuve/De Kirianov - Elle Est Ma D.S.

Divine Comedy - You Daddy's Car

Doobie Brothers - Rockin' Down the Highway

Doors - Cars Hiss by My Window

Doors - LA Woman

Doors - Queen of the Highway

Doors - Roadhouse Blues

Dover - Speed Racer

Eels - 3 Speed

Elastica - Car Song

Eels - Woman Driving, Man Sleeping

Eliott Murphy - Abraham Lincoln Continental

Eliott Murphy - Drive all Night

Elvis Costello - 5 Gears in Reverse

Elvis Costello - The People’s Limousine

Ernest Tubb - I'll Take a Back Seat for You

Experience – Driving

Fat Truckers  - Super Bike

Flight Recorder - On a Street Car

Frank Black - Brackish Boy

Frank Zappa - Joe’s Garage

Freddy King - Key to the Highway

GBV - Motor Away

Gene Vincent - Pink Thunderbird

Gene Vincent - Race With the Devil

Gene Vincent - Why Don't You People Learn How to Drive?

George Harrison - Faster

Gories - Thunderbird ESQ

Gorillaz - M1 A1

Grand Funk Railroad - Mr. Limousine Driver

Guv'ner - Motorcycle Man

House of Love - Love in a Car

Howlin' Wolf - Highway 49

Iggy Pop - Motorcycle

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Iggy Pop - In the Death Car

Jackie Brenston - Rocket 88

James Cotton - V-8 Ford Blues

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz

Jefferson Airplane - She Has Funny Cars

Jello Biafra with The Melvins - Yuppie Cadillac

Jethro Tull - Taxi Grab

Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Trafic

Jimi Hendrix - Highway Chile

Jimmie Dolan - Hot Rod Race

Jimmy Liggins - Cadillac Boogie

John Cale - Caravan

Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time

Johnny Guitar Watson - Motor Head Baby

Johnny Shines - Dynaflow Blues

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - High Gear

Jonathan Richman - Ride on Down the Highway

Jonathan Richman - Dodge Veg-omatic

Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner

Jonathan Richman - Stop This Car

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

Joseph Arthur - Mercedes

Jude Cole and Moon Martin - She's in Love with My Car

Kevin Coyne - Highway of Dreams

Kevin Coyne - New Motorway

Kim Fowley - Big Bad Cadillac

Kinks - Motorway

Kraftwerk  - Autobahn

Lee Cannonball Lewis - Truck Driver's Night Run Blues

Lenny Kravitz - Mr. Cab Driver

Lightnin' Hopkins - Automobile Blues

Lightnin’ Hopkins - Black Cadillac

Lightnin’ Hopkins - Big Car Blues

Lili Drop - Sur Ma Mob

Little Richard - Taxi Blues

Lloyd Cole - 2 CV

Lush - 500 (Shake Baby Shake)

Maddox Brothers - Careless Driver

Magazine - Motorcade

Marvin Pontiac - Small Car

Mazzy Star - Ride It On

Mazzy Star - Under My Car

MC5 - Motor City Is Burning

Memphis Minnie - Me and My Chauffeur Blues

Mink DeVille - Cadillac Walk

Mogwai - Golden Porsche

Momus - The Cabriolet

Music Machine - Double Yellow Line

Neil Young - Ambulance Blues

Neil Young - Motorcycle Mama

Neil Young - Sedan Delivery

New Order - 60 Miles An Hour

Nico - All Saints Night From a Polish Motorway

Nine Inch Nails - Driver Down

Pale Fountains - Bicycle Thieves

Pascale Borel - Ma Voiture A Des Ratés

Paul Collin’s Beat - On the Highway

Pere Ubu - Heartbreak Garage

Pink Floyd – Bike

Prefab Sprout  - Cars & Girls

Prince - Little Red Corvette

Queen - I'm In Love With My Car

Radiohead - Airbag

Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Ride - Drive Blind

Rip Chords - Hey Little Cobra

Rip Chords - Trophy Machine

Robert Johnson - Terraplane Blues

Rolling Stones - Route 66

Ronny and The Daytonas - Little G.T.O.

Roxy Music - Virginia Plain

Roy Acuff - Automobile of Life

Serge Gainsbourg - Ford Mustang

Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack

Sigi Maron - He, Taxi

Siren - I Drove Your Car

Standards - Nouvelles Chaussures, Nouvelle Voiture

Starshooter - 35 tonnes

Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild

Stereototal - Tas de tôle

Stray Cats - Hotrod Gang

Suicide - Ghost Rider

Sweeties And The Banana'z - Abribus

T Rex - Buick MacKane

T Rex - Jeepster

T Rex - Mustang Ford

T. Rex - Hot Rod Mama

T. Rex - Truck on (Tyke)

Tanger   Facel Vaga

Tav Falco - She's a Bad Motorcycle

Television – Poor Circulation

The Cars - Drive

The Gories - Thunderbird Esq

The Pastels - Hot Wheels

The Normal - Warm Leatherette

Tom Waits - Hang On St Christopher

Townes Van Zant     Highway kind

Traditionel - Highway 51

Vegetarian Meat - Drive Me Away

Violents Femmes - Gimme The Car

Who - Early Morning Cold Taxi

Who - Going Mobile

Who - Jaguar

Willy Porter - Jesus on the Grille

Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally

Woody Guthrie - Car Car

Woody Guthrie - Riding in My Car

Young Marble Giants - The Taxi

Zz Top - Chevrolet

Zz Top  - I Wanna Drive You Home